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 Born to a violin maker, Joseph Alfred Lamy (1850-1919) began to study bow making with Nicolas Husson in Mirecourt at the age of 12. At this time in Paris, mainstream in bow making style was moving from that of Peccatte's to Voirin's. Peccatte bows are usually very strong, showing influences by late Tourte (1747-1835). On the other hand, Voirin bows are swan shaped with some roundness which was influenced by early Tourte.

 Lamy moved to Paris when he was 26, and started to work at Voirin's. Lamy improved so much in this period, and had grown to be as good as his master. After Voirin's death, Lamy opened his own workshop, at the age of 36. His bows became more elegant and subtle, producing so called “Lamy Tone” with special softness. This was the beginning of his best period.

 At the age of 39, Lamy meets 18 years old Eugene Saltory, who later became one of the greatest bow makers in the 20th contury. Saltory's very early works show clear influences by his senior.

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 After receiving the gold medal in the competition in Paris, at 50, Lamy became one of the most influencial bow makers for all the followers, including his sons, George Leon and Hippolyte Camille. Unlike many other violin or bow makers, Lamy did not change his style, delicate subtlety and elegance, throughout his life.

Fritz Kreisler    Violinist (1875-1962)

Friedrich "Fritz" Kreisler (February 2, 1875 - January 29, 1962) was an Austrian-born violinist and composer. One of the most famous violin masters of his or any other day, and regarded as one of the greatest violinists of all time, he was known for his sweet tone and expressive phrasing. Like many great violinists of his generation, he produced a characteristic sound which was immediately recognizable as his own. Although he derived in many respects from the Franco-Belgian school, his style is nonetheless reminiscent of the gemütlich (cozy) lifestyle of pre-war Vienna.


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