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  Pressenda was a violin maker that had hugely contributed to the development of the violin making in Torino, Northern Italy.
250 years of the golden age of Cremona violin making, established by Andrea Amati, comes to an end around the same time as the industrial revolution; this was the age of Pressenda.

  He was born in 1777 in a small town called Alba, near Torino. Alba is known for wineries and white truffles. His father was a violinist and also a maker, who has taught both playing and making to his son. In early years, Pressenda worked as an upholsterer, and a jeweler, as making violin, but when turned 40, he seriously started his career as a violin maker in Torino.
His name was quickly spread by violinists who supported him in northern Italy. He deeply studied styles from Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri, and Guadanini, then created his own. He had the honour of receiving medals in the exhibition in Torino in 1829, 32, 38, 44, 55, total for five times.

  In this period, Stradivari and Guarneri were most recognized, and respected as two big figures. For their followers, such as Lupot and Vuillaume in France, Fendt and Voller brothers in Britain, Dispine and Rocca (a student of Pressenda) in Italy, it was common to make copies of the great mastersf styles. However, Pressenda was the only person who never made copies of previous masters, but created Pressenda style. Later in 20th century, Hannibal Fagnola of Torino is famous to have made numbers of Pressenda model.

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  This Pressenda instrument from 1848 was made when the master was 71, and yet it does not show any weakness in the handcraft. The strong frame, the low arch, like that of Guarneri, and the robust, wide body; these characteristics are clearly all there to show his pride to his students and followers. The Italian appraiser, who wrote the certificate for this violin, describes the instrument as the best of all Pressendafs works.
This is one of many instruments which Pressenda used tiger wood for the back; the wood Stradivari used for some of his violins. Pressenda was always eager to search for the better sound, until his last years.

  Successes of violin making in Torino and Milan came to its glory in the early 20th century, then went back to Cremona with Sacconi and Sgarabotto in the mid 20th.
Pressenda was the leading master in 18th century in Torino, and surely one of the biggest name after Stradivari and Guarneri.

Akira Mizutani    Violinist

  Born in Oita prefecture, Akira Mizutani began playing violin under Jiro Kimurafs tuition. He was the youngest winner at the Oita Music Competition in 1993 and f95. He moved to Indonesia and lived there for 5 years in his youth with his family, where he was privileged to take masterclasses by P.Prabowo, S.Eng, C.H.Ozim.
  Back to Japan, he won the 56th Japan Student Music Competition in Nagoya, also became a medalist in the 12th Japan Mozart Competition. After Nanzan International High School, he graduated first on the list from Toho Gakuen Collage of Music, where he studied violin with Kenji Kobayashi, chamber music with Koichiro Harada, and Hakuro Mouri, and Tokyo Quartet.
  While in the collage, he formed Verus String Quartet, which received scholarship from Matsuo to participate in the Summer Academy in Yale, and Norfork Chamber Music Festival, before became the first medalist, after Tokyo Quartet 38 years ago, in the Munich International Music Competition, String Quartet division.
  He became the youngest leader at Gunma Symphony Orchestra in 2010. He plays in various orchestras as a guest leader, plays also in Miyazaki Music Festival, Kiso Music Festival, Saito-Kinen Orchestra, Tokyo Mozart Players, Kamakura Geijutsukan Solisten, etc.
  He was awarded the 9th Jomo Art-Cultural Prize for his distinguished work in Gunma Symphony Orchestra.
  He is now the leader in Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and performs extensively as Virtus Quartet.

Tokyo Symphony Orchestra    โ http://tokyosymphony.jp/


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